Why Should You Volunteer???


Hello guys,

I am writing this article to share my recent experience on volunteering with NGO. You might feel this article will not be informative but I would request you all to read it once.In my earlier blog, I have mentioned about Bigger Than Life NGO which is doing commendable work.I am associated with this NGO since last one year and its been stunning experience so far.Meeting kids every Sunday and helping them gives me the feeling of contentment. On 16th October, Monday I had a different experience with BTL. It was an Exhibition where all the products were made by widows an single mothers, basically less privileged people of society.

The exhibition was at Chembur, Mumbai helped by corporate Sterling & Wilson. They welcomed us with an open heart and took care us which made us feel very comfortable.Thank you, Avi for giving me this opportunity to contribute because I know there are many volunteers waiting for such an experience.

We started off showcasing our products like Candles, Jewellery, Decorative lamps, etc for sale.I completely enjoyed every second of it. Things like putting up banners to assortments of candles.Amazing work with candles, " Have a Look "

Being a student of HR I never thought I will sell anything. I had only envisioned about organizing such a CSR activity in my future company as HR. You should contribute to experience another side of it, when you free yourself to experience things you learn more than you expect.

Selling those products to people, talking to them was such a cheerful moment. I did not realize it was the end of the day as we started our day very early. I have realized volunteering is not just a activity but its a therapy to yourself. You have to do it to feel it! When I see young volunteers (teenagers) in our NGO I feel elated. I feel good that they are learning so much before they enter into something big, they are learning to help. Why only corporates do CSR? Are not we part of society? We see so many needy on a daily basis and I know its not possible to help each one of them but we can at least join people who are already doing it.

You should contribute to CHANGE, to make a DIFFERENCE!
Without volunteers, we did be a Nation without soul. If you wish to join BTL, just check our "Contact Us" page and our team will get in touch immediately.
Hope this article motivated you!!!
Do share your thoughts.
Happy Volunteering(:

Deepika #followyourpassion