BIGGER THAN LIFE : Bandstand 2

After 4 years of tirelessly working in the streets and slums of Mumbai, BTL finally got its place of rest. Yes, this is BTLs first major step towards establishment an office near the ocean!

The BTL Bandstand 2 location, started on 30th April 2015, created a positive impact in the community within the first 3 months. Reaching out to the 32 families in the neighborhood, we now have the space and facility to add a lot of flavor to the already existing projects with English coaching foradults, Music class for the youth, Movie screenings, Sports activities, etc. The Office/Shed conducts activities everyday and it serves as a central place of coordination for all BTL related activities.

Located near the sea, our office at Bandstand 2 is a place you must visit. We have various projects running here and you are more than welcome to pick the ones you would like to get involved with.

PS: The office has been painted and beautified by our talented BTL kids themselves. Yet, another reason to come over and visit.