Looking to expand to other parts of the city, the BTL Team decided to take a group of committed volunteers to work with the Juhu community.

From our first session itself, BTL has made a big impact in the lives of the slum and street children by teaching them values and building relationships with them and their families. The kids have started relating to their volunteer friends and we have seen a large number of kids attending each session faithfully. We often conduct beach-cleaning drives to teach them the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. We also conduct events and activities, whichencourage dance, singing, drama and other such talents of our children.

For us, this is a small, yet important step in fulfilling our ultimate vision of reaching out to every part of the city. Most importantly, it is the growing passion and commitment shown by our volunteers that will ensure BTL Juhu will be a force of transformation amongst the Juhu community.

PS: BTL Juhu sessions are all conducted on the beach itself, making it fun for the kids and volunteers alike. Come and join us!