The BTL team meetsevery Saturday evening on the Carter Road promenade, Bandra, where we conduct games, art/craft & various other activities to teach the kids about topics like hygiene, values, moral living, life skills development, creative development, behavioral issues and preserving the environment. These sessions help us develop a bond with the kids and earn their friendship and trust.

For instance, we conducted a session where we found out what the kids wanted to be when they grew up. We got costumes together related to the careers and dressed them up. We took photos of them wearing the outfit, printed out the photos, framed them and gave it to each kid to serve as a motivation to dream big.

During one session we used skits to teach kids about the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gutka and other addictions. We also taught them the importance of good dental and personal hygiene. We then distributed toothbrushes, soap, etc.

Every Saturday is different, Every Saturday is fun.