BTL Speaks :

   On a Saturday evening, you are sitting at your favourite place sipping hot coffee thinking you always wanted to do something for someone in need, something nice...maybe its a dream, maybe a dont know. You dont have a channel to help you get what you want! Well...Bigger Than Life, with all its humility wants to say that We started off the same way, but the only thing we probably did was that We just did it!.

   God has made us in His image as He made the underprivileged. It is we who have given them this name. They breathe the same air, eat the same food, dream the same dreams, so what makes them different than us! Nothing! Absolutely nothing! If you believe this, join us in this cause of wiping off this name from the dictionary. Let us be a people who will come forward to support with all that we have. Lets create a future for the kids. After all, If you do what you can do, God will do what you cant do!