BIGGER THAN LIFE : Medical Camps

   With a mission to help the unprivileged, Bigger Than Life could not ignore the core areas of rehabilitation - Health & Well-Being. The team had an uphill task considering this project needed the participation of medical professions and experts. However,thanks to the help and support of local doctors and practitioners, the first medical camp was held in May 2012 for the BTL KharDanda families. When the camp sheets were evaluated, the doctorsensuredproper care and treatment was provided, not just for the physical cases, but for the mental and social problems as well.

   The second camp held at the same location in Jan 2013 was better organized with a pre-camp survey, medical camp day and post-camp follow-ups at KEM Hospital. We found that it was not just the bodily infirmities that needed healing, but also the socio-cultural beliefs and emotional trauma that came with them.

   As BTL moves from one location to another, uplifting the underprivileged, the team works with certified medical volunteers from colleges throughout the city, not just to diagnose and treat the cases that are found, but also to counsel them such that their fears, tears and prejudices are wiped away.