BIGGER THAN LIFE : Other Activities

   'Learning through fun' forms a large part of BTL activities. The team regularly conducts special outings where we take kids to a zoo or the beach or to a park. We enhance their learning abilities by showing them value-based movies, taking them to museums, exhibitions and fetes.

   The BTL team conducts regular donation drives for clothes, books and other items the kids may need including stationary material and teaching equipment.We collect funds to purchase necessities like raincoats and footwear to help the kids survive the rains.

   BTL also supports a few families for their monthly ration and house rent. It is our conscious effort to make the families self-sustainable, so we encourage them by providing monetary supportfor their small time business of selling products on the street and from small shops.

   We also organize events like Singing & Dancing competitions, Art & Craft competitions, Dramatics, andFashion Shows. This helps us recognize the talents of our children and provides them the encouragement to pursue it as a career.