As our Carter Road location expanded, we decided to expand BTL to another location as well the Khar Danda slums. The families here live in shanties and in extremely poor conditions. Some even live in open spaces,as they cannot afford a temporary house. Our committed volunteers go there every week to inject hope into these people who have completely lost hope in life.

The children are taught how to stay positive despite the hard conditions. We also teach them basic activities like boiling water for drinking, washing vegetables before cooking, etc. These activities go a long way as the area is infested with mosquitos and rodents of all types and the people are prone to life threatening diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid, and malaria. We also conduct regular health checkups to ensure the community is disease free and that they get the proper treatment if required.

Our volunteers have pledged to take up the humongous task of educating every child in Khar Danda slums. We regularly meet with local government schools and institutions to find out ways to keep the children motivated. We also support a few orphans and widows with monthly ration and supplies, medicines, house rent and other needs they may have.